3 New Palm Phones Due Out Next Year

3 New Palm Phones Due Out Next YearPosted: 12/22/2005

In 2006, Palm is planning to release 3 phones. The first phone to be released is the Treo 700w, which will be released by Verizon next month. As for the other two devices, no announcements have been made on what these phones are or when they will be available.

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I don't think this is THAT big of a deal. They're already linnchaug a few years later than they should have having phones available globally this year seems preferable to pushing the entire launch back another 6 months just so another two US carriers could also take part.As a Sprint customer, I'd love Sprint to have a WP7 option. But, does getting a phone onto Verizon really matter that much? I think Verizon is pushing their DROID brand so hard that even if a WP7 phone were available, it's not like Verizon would really be promoting it much. In fact, I'm fairly certain that, when WP7 is finally available, Verizon salespeople will still be given instructions to 1) ONLY recommend Droid-branded phones, 2) disparage anything that isn't Droid.You can't launch on all 4 US carriers, and certainly not in any coordinated way. Samsung tried it with the Galaxy S, and look how well THAT worked out. The Verizon version came out more a month late; they dragged their feet (partially because the lack of exclusivity meant the Fascinate wouldn't carry the Droid name), and they insisted on messing up the software on the phone (worse than TouchWiz is already was).Obviously, I'd love it if you could get the exact same phone, and have the exact same experience using it no matter which carrier you're on. That's NOT possible with Android right now, nor will it ever be. It's going to take Microsoft a few more months to deliver on that promise and, well, that's just how it's got to be. If they could launch on GSM and CDMA at the same time, I'm sure they would be doing it.Perhaps the temporary GSM exclusivity will get AT&T to back WP7 a little bit. Finally, they'll have SOMETHING to recommend to people other than an iPhone.

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1) Yes, current peonhs will continue to work and will update automagically2) No need to wait3) Yes. You can even give them to friends to side load onto their peonhs (for testing, etc.). But I believe you can't sell them except through the store. IANAL, please check your license

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unavailable or nubemr blocked in any way, forget it. I figure if you don't want me to know who's calling, I'll help you out by not answering! A handful of people know they can reach me 24/7, for any and all reasons. Anyone else can just sit on their ass and wait for me to call back maybe!

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Unless the suspect has aseccs to her car, it is not going to be easy to place a GPS tracker. You could check anyplace that a magnet might be able to be attached. There are GPS trackers that attach via a magnet, and can be retrieved to download the data. It would have to be in a place that can get a pretty decent view of the sky to get any acurate information. Realtime GPS tracking is not cheap, and I suspect out of the cost range of your typical stalker. As far a bugging the house, check out spyville.com, they have several bug/tap detectors, but I don't know how effective they really are. I think the cheap ones really just look for an off the hook extension, and many cordless phones do this. (They check for a voltage change, the same way that your answering machine does when you pick up an extension.) I'm sure there are professional security people that can come in and scan your house, but I bet they are really expensive.Check out Spyville.com. They have a good selection of bugs, and bug dectectors. If you look at the bugs, you will have an idea what to look for to do a manual inspection.

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Phytolindo@studioniltzIts a 3 day cruise and you get to the beach on the scoend day. No need for the car, you don't even have enough time for that. You have a few hours. Prices are reasonable.Hope you have fun. I loved Stockholm, by the way. I have a video here of my trip to Sweden.

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The new Android Gingerbread will be released soon, prolbaby with the new Google Nexus S (dec 16), so I would say if you really want a droid, wait for the version that comes out with android 2.3 in JuneMay likely.If you like the Google Nexus S coming out December 16, go ahead and buy it, nothing from google will come out for awhile.At the end, it's your choice, if you want a droid, wait. If the Nexus sounds good, go ahead and buy it. My opinion is to get the Nexus S now, it's a really nice phone and I'm sure you'll love it.

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Took ICND1 exam today and passed. My hnoest advice is, just going through P4S, TI etc etc is not good enough to pass. You really need to know the A-Z of the subject. Cisco is clever enough to trick you with their questions. For all those who are going to take your exam soon, you must be prepared well enough, to gauge yourself, try out p4s and TI questions and if you can breeze through answering them then i suggest going back to Wendel Odom ICND1 study guide and try out the Do You Know Already questions. If you think the questions are tricky and you are still unsure about the answers to a few questions then i 'd say you are not ready for the exams. P4S and TI will not help you even answer 30% of the exam.That was my case.

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Well..according to Mr. dude, the icnd2 Actualtests and Testking are not updated, even if they cengahd their date of update. That means they are trying to fool the buyers, which the dump companies often do to increase their sales.P4S is also not updated for icnd2 exam. You can check their website. I think they've gone to sleep mode after july31st.The only one dump left is testinside and i don't think they are updated too. In fact all dump makers are pretty much dead nowadays. They all are copying each other...

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before you cannot relay on them beuasce these are not valid.I have talked to PASSGUIDE, Acutaltests, pass4sure, testinside.they say they are going to update. as I have subscription to actualtests.com once they update I am going to post the PDF.or even the software if there are any crackers out here.so long no news guys.p.s Test-King and Actualtests they are identical.. one has copied from another.

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Hi, I am looking to sit my ICND1 exam next wnkeeed, please provide any tips, I failed two weeks ago .and had few wireless questions and a freaking lab, where I had to drag and drop crossover cables and configure a router I used the P4S, got a score of 742. your help is appricated.

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Posted By Dalton @ Apr 05, 2013
A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this informtaion.

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I passed my exam today. Was turohgh with wendell odom ccent/icnd1 exam prep guide and worked on questions from 9tut.com and p4s version 3, 2.7 and had worked on lots of practice exams. Worked on all problems from wendell odoms book and cd. (score:901)

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Ive seen this great australian band from when they stertad with Bon Scott twice and every tour since then with both Razors Edge & both Black Ic...

Posted By Shankar @ Sep 26, 2015
Do vote the straight taiklng man of conscience Tan Jee Say.Obviously voters have to avoid picking a wily, foxy knave.And there is absolutely no need to addany ex or past PAP Member into the PAP Cabinet.

Posted By Yancy @ Sep 27, 2015
That is more than enough for you take any video. There are seaervl camcorders or cameras which deliver decent quality. Most importantly you can make sure that there are lovely light settings. Now you get phones with high quality video recording. For instance the iPhone 4g has great picture quality so you can buy that and get two birds with one stone.

Posted By click @ Sep 27, 2015
aKSVqP This is a very good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere. Brief but very precise info Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

Posted By crork service @ Nov 09, 2015
MBMhuf the Zune Social is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them.

Posted By Linda @ Nov 28, 2015
Great post with lots of imaoptrnt stuff.

Posted By Alberto @ Nov 28, 2015
Deep thought! Thanks for cougbirntint.

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