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LG's answer to the iPhone. The Voyager has a large touch screen display and unfolds to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. Other features include a 2 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, live TV, and EVDO highspeed data transfer.

Also known as: LG VX10000

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LG Voyager Reviews

There are 4 reviews of the LG Voyager.

Name: Michael
Location: Charlotte, NC
have had phone for a little over a week & have been very impressed with reception and functionality. The speakerphone is excellent, features are very good. I highly recommend it.

There is one negative - battery life. If you spend significant amounts of time talking, you'll need to need to tether to a power source at least every two hours. I've had to re-charge it twice in a day already.
Name: Cris
Location: NJ
This might be the worst phone I have ever had. Yes, it does have cool features. But the phone turns off in the middle of conversations, the touch screen freezes, and the battery lasts for a very short time. Don't get this phone unless you plan on not using it much throughout the day.
Name: Nik
Location: Chicago, IL
If you want a iPhone type cell phone with great service, this is the phone for you. Best phone i have ever owned. Made me return my iPhone. Awesome PHONE
Name: Sidney Smith
Location: Provo UT
Best friend has the I-phone, and he likes the voyager better. Sleek design. Does more than the I-phone. instead of the youtube you get live tv. Stronger antenna than the iphone, so faster internet (3G+). Oh and I almost forgot. Cheaper in price by far

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